The Longest Day T-Shirts

How do participants receive a The Longest Day T-shirt?

Participants starting a fundraiser will receive The Longest Day event T-shirt with their registration fee. During registration, there is an option to upgrade the cotton T-shirt shirt to performance material for an additional $10 donation.

Team members registering with a team will have an option to order a event T-shirt during the registration process by making a donation of $10 below, or upgrade to performance material with a donation of $20 or more.

Can The Longest Day event T-shirts be ordered after a registration has been completed?

The Longest Day event T-shirt can only be ordered during registration.

Is there a way to check on a shirt that was ordered during registration?

If it has been more than 2 weekscontact our support team.

Can shirts be purchased for those attending the event but not registering or for giveaways?

Participants do have an option to purchase generic T-shirts within their participant center. They can only be purchased by registered The Longest Day participants.

If you are registered, log in your participant and scroll down to the bottom of the Dashboard page. Under Fundraiser Options, select Order Generic T-Shirts. 


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