How do I submit my donation to be matched?

The first step to submit a matching gift is to check your companies matching gift policy and process. Companies policies and processes can vary!

You can check the matching gifts database to see if your company offers a matching gift program and what their submission process is.

Search for your company here

What if my company is not listed on Matching Gift website?

If you do not see your company, it does not mean your employer does not participate in matching gifts program! Contact your human resource or personnel department and ask if they offer a matching gifts program and how to get your donation matched. 

What do I need to do process the matching gift?

Each company will have their own instructions on how to submit your donation to be matched. Please follow your companies process. 

Will my company ask for certain information?

The requirements can vary by company and typically list them in the form you will complete. But here are a few items they typically ask for:

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